Marilyn Flowers, Sue Meyer and Weezie Smith organized a recorder orchestra in the Midwest which is now celebrating 13 seasons under the leadership of Musical Director Clea Galhano. Clea is one of the world's leading recorder players.  She gives concerts around the world and is highly sought after as a master teacher and workshop leader; and is well known for her recordings of renaissance, baroque and contemporary recorder repertory as well as the music of Brazil, her native country.



Our Assistant Conductor, Philip Rugel began his love of the recorder when, like most Midwestern children, he was handed a bright red plastic instrument in the second grade and taught to play Hot Crossed Buns. This led to studies on the clarinet and bassoon and instruction at the Interlochen Arts Academy and The Eastman School of Music where he majored in Music Composition. From 2015-2018 Philip served as the conductor and arranger for the Kalamazoo Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra.

Our founder, Weezie Smith passed away in 2021.

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